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Michele Blake
AKA the Grammar Princess

Let’s face it — writing for business gets a bad rap. Few people appreciate the skill of a well-crafted email or corporate communication.

But it's a skill that can impact your organization’s bottom line and turn you into one of their most valuable assets. (Talk about job security!) It's also a skill that most people lack — and those seeking tips aren't quite sure where to turn.

Enter: Grammar Princess.

I'm here to help you perfect your writing, boost your confidence, and fine tune your professional communications so that grammatical errors and writing faux pas don’t distract from the important messages you have to share.

I’ll also demystify resume writing, business email etiquette, and other corporate communication quandaries, so your voice can shine through loud and clear. 

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Meet your Grammar Princess


Linda Murphy | Sales Representative

Her years of understanding the resume and hiring process come to life as she creatively helps her clients communicate effectively and tell their own personal story in both a fun and professional way. I am so grateful for having her as my coach in this area.

“Michele is very knowledgeable, super encouraging, and extra rich in kindness!”

Christine Soll | Real Estate Agent

Michele did an amazing job with my nephew’s resume! I sent it to her to take a look and she worked her magic so quickly. It came back reorganized and rewritten so that the overall layout went from “ho-hum” to WOW! My nephew is loving his job. Thanks, Michele! Writing is your superpower!

 “Thanks, Michele!
Writing is your superpower!” 

Sarah Roth  | Administrative Assistant

With a fun approach, Michele delved into the nitty-gritty of grammar, helping me iron out all those pesky mistakes and giving my work that extra oomph it desperately needed. Thanks to her invaluable assistance, my writing has become more professional and refined.

“The exceptional Grammar Princess leveled up my writing game!”

Kathy Bowling  |  Business Owner

While I was writing marketing columns for a daily newspaper, a weekly business journal, and an online news outlet, I ran everything by Michele Blake before submitting to various editors. I could always count on her to tighten up my grammar and eliminate editorial mistakes.

“Her editing made me look good! And for that, I will be forever grateful.”

Lauren Michael  | Restaurant Manager

Michele Blake helped coach me through the writing and formatting process. Without her guidance, I would have unwittingly submitted something that was outdated. I am grateful for her help and recommend her services for anyone who is looking for their dream job!

“I recommend her services for anyone who is looking for their dream job!”

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Become your organization’s most valuable asset?

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