If you can write clear, compelling copy with confidence, you are your organization’s most valuable asset. That's exactly what you'll find here at Grammar Princess™—the resources you need to take your writing from ‘meh’ to modern, clear, and bright.

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Hi there, I'm Michele!

Let’s face it—writing for business gets a bad rap. Few people appreciate the skill of a well-crafted email or corporate communication.

But it's a skill that can impact your organization’s bottom line and turn you into one of their most valuable assets. (Talk about job security!) It's also a skill that most people lack—and those seeking tips aren't quite sure where to turn.

Enter: Grammar Princess.

I'm here to help you perfect your writing, boost your confidence, and fine tune your professional communications so that grammatical errors and writing faux pas don’t distract from the important messages you have to share.

I’ll also demystify resume writing, business email etiquette, and other corporate communication quandaries, so your voice can shine through loud and clear. 

Ready to become your company's most sought-after communicator? You've come to the right place!

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